Silk Heatless Curling Rod
Silk Heatless Curling Rod

Silk Heatless Curling Rod

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No need to heat your hair with this curling iron. This helps reduce heat damage and keeps your hair healthy. Heatless curls can be made in your sleep. This helps all hair types: thin, curly or straight hair.


Instructions to use your Silk Heatless Curl Rod

Step 1: Use your Silk Heatless Curling Rod on damp hair. Blow dry your hair and wait for it to partially dry. Spray with water as you curl around the rod to make your hair slightly damp.

Step 2: The Hair Clip holds the silk rod in the center top of your hair. Split your hair in two sections and wrap your hair around the heatless rod just like you would with a curling wand.

Step 3: Leave the heatless curling rod on your hair for 4 hours (once your hair is dry). Sleeping with your curling rod is recommended for best results. 

When you are done:

Results! Beautiful heatless curls that protect your split ends and prevent heat damage!

  • For tighter curls, wrap your hair, allow no extra room for it to move around. For loose/wavy curls wrap around the curling rod lightly. 
  • Once you’re done remember to brush your hair, feel free to wrap your hair around the curling rod once more to redefine those beautiful, lush, heatless curls! 
  • Remember after a few heatless curl sessions you will get better and better at wrapping your hair 

Reminder: No returns are accepted because of health and safety. 


%100 Mulberry Silk
Size: 35 in, 3.5cm, 2.54cm
Color: Pink